We are all more or less rational people, who know that the earth isn’t flat, cameras don’t steal a piece of your soul every time you take a picture and that there definitely are no monsters under our beds.

Buuuut….it doesn’t hurt to tuck the blanket under your feet before going to sleep, so that said nonexistent monsters can’t grab them…right?
And who doesn’t feel a bit weirded out when waking up around 3am and goes to turn on the lights… just for a bit?

It’s silly, and of course nothing is going to happen either way, but hey, better save than sorry! Better a bit super- eh, sortastitious than getting eaten by that monster under the bed. Which, of course, doesn’t exist. Probably.

So when you find yourself awake at the witching hour, grab yourself a blanket and a cup of tea, and join me in my exploration of the silliness of  the supernatural, folklore, urban legends and of course, superstitions.

And remember, ghosts aren’t real! But… maybe don’t go and play with that ouija board? Just to be safe.

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